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STTS Design Questionnaire     

Our sensor/switch technology has been designed with ultimate flexibility in mind.  We can sew, mold, fabricate, and house our technology within almost any type of material.  The STTS Switch and Sensor and NSD technologies also provide an electrical output (analog or digital) based on the amount of contact pressure in grams, ounces, pounds, or newtons per square inch (PSI).  The electrical output (analog or digital) is determined on which technology would be best for your application.

Contact Name      
Company Name    Address   
City            State/Prov.  Zip/Postal Code            Country  
E-mail      Phone     Fax 


Industry Classification:

Automotive Toy and Game
Transportation  Law Enforcement/Military
Medical/Medical Devices Marine
Security General Industry
Consumer Products  Robotics
Other (please specify) 



Project Classification (check all that apply):

Research & Development Information  Incorporate into Captive in-house Product
Switch/Sensor to Replace Existing Unit  Product for Open Market (Resale)
New Product Design



If looking to replace an existing sensor or switch, what are the existing product(s) shortcomings? (check all that apply):

Product Dependability Switch/Sensor Monitoring
Product Flexibility (Custom Design)  Pricing
Product Life Cycle  Sensitivity
Output Versatility  Response Time



Product Cross Reference Replacement (fully backward compatible - mechanically & electrically):

Manufacturer:                       Part #:  
Model # or Product Name:   


  1. Please describe what is the desired sensing or switching application.



  1. Do you desire any special or unique function?  If so, please specify.



  1. Does a sketch exist of the desired sensor layout?  If so, please fax a top view and/or side view to 866-696-5661.

         Yes, we have a sketch available       No, no sketch is available yet       


          Please supply:

A. Size of housing desired Height Width Length
B. Active sensing area desired  Height Width Length
C. Wire exit positions
D. Wire length desired
E. Wire gauge desired
F. Wire color(s) desired
G.  Mounting information (pressure sensing backing, mounting holes, pattern, etc.)
H. Explanation of, or submit sketch on how the sensor is to be attached or mounted.
I. Projected quantities required? Per    
J. Is a wire connector or plug desired? Yes    No If Yes, NEMA/IP rating?    
  1. Design Parameters:

A. Sensing Tolerance:                     +/-
B.  Expected temperature range? C    to C
C Desired switch/sensor housing material:
Plastic Kevlar
Rubber Other    
Metal (specify)     STTS Sensor to recommend material
D. Desired switch/sensor housing color, if applicable:            
  1. Do you desire the switch/sensor to be activated by:

Specific PSI Contact Threshold or Activation Point   (please specify) 
Specific Ohmic Value of Middle Setpoint   (please specify)
Other    (please specify) 


  1. Switch/Sensor wiring (select one):

      Two Wire              Four Wire          Wireless signaling back to controller


  1. Switch/sensor electrical output desired:

       Digital Output - Basically an on/off switch or sensor when a specific contact force is applied

       Analog Output - Scalable output (ohmic value based on PSI contact; output is proportional to voltage and current)


  1. Type of switch/sensor response required:

        Touch/Contact               Bendable              Positive/Negative Pressure (i.e., push/pull)

   If positive/negative, what is the desired ohmic value of the middle set point or PSI switch activation point?



  1. Will the switch/sensor be mounted or used on curved surfaces?

         Yes   No        If yes, specify mounting radius range: 


  1. Switch/Sensor overall thickness (cross-section view)

Minimum               Millimeters     Meters

Maximum                 Inches           Feet 


  1. How will the pressure or contact be applied to the switch/sensor assembly to stimulate the output?


  1. Housing environmental requirements:

  1. Please specify the NEMA/IP rating best suited for your application.  This would be the desired switch/sensor housing or enclosure rating.  Please check one.

NEMA 2 (IP 11)  Indoor Use - Protects against falling dirt, liquid and light splash

NEMA 3 (IP 54)  Outdoor Use - Protects against rain, sleet, snow, dirt and dust

NEMA 3s (IP 54)  Outdoor Use - Protects against rain, sleet, snow, dirt, dust and ice

NEMA 4 (IP 56)  Indoor/Outdoor Use - Protects against  dirt, dust, hosedown and heavy splash

NEMA 6 (IP 67)  Indoor/Outdoor Use - Protects against  dirt, dust, hosedown and occasional submersions

NEMA 6P (IP 67)  Indoor/Outdoor Use - Protects against  dirt, dust, hosedown and prolonged submersions

NEMA 12 (IP 52)  Indoor Use - Protects against  dirt, dust, light splash, oil, and coolant

NEMA 13 (IP 54)  Indoor Use - Protects against  dirt, dust, light splash, oil, and coolant spray

  1.  Will the switch/sensor be used in submersed conditions?

Yes       No

       If yes, specify liquid or fluid (chlorinated water, hydraulic fluid, etc.)  

  1. Monitoring

                 A.    Is it desired to monitor or check the switch/sensor with the existing system electronics or controls?

                          Yes           No

                 B.    Is it desired to monitor or check the switch/sensor with the electronics to be added to your existing

                        electronics or controls?

                           Yes           No

                 C.    Would you want STTS Switch and Sensor to supply the electronics to monitor and check the switch/sensor?

                           Yes           No

  1. Estimated desired target cost per unit?    



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