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Switch/Sensor Mats

The STTS switch and sensor mats offer unequalled functionality and capability in both the safety and commercial mat market.  Any device, such as a machine, a robot, or a door can be connected to reliably and consistently open when the mat is stepped on.  Our mats can be made of nearly any shape or size.  They can also be engaged using either analog or digital electrical signals.  The properties of these products provide vast opportunities for general industry, as well as the transportation and security industries.

Reversing/Sensing Edges        (Electric Rubber Rope)

The STTS Switch and Sensor reversing and sensing edges are the perfect solution for powered commercial and industrial doors, automatic revolving doors, and any other type of door that is required.  We provide solutions that allow you to comply with UL 325 when you bring your products to the market.  These applications, and many others, are already being used by some of the biggest companies in the world in all facets of industry.

Foot Switches and Hand Switches or Sensors

STTS Switch and Sensor is capable of providing many shapes and sizes of low voltage (1.5V to 30V AC/DC) foot and hand switches and sensors.  These hand and foot sensor products have applications have multiple in the automotive, transportation, general industry, medical devices, consumer products, security, law enforcement, and government markets.  If you have a unique or specific need, please go to our design questionnaire to provide your specifications and requirements. 

Wheelchair Seat and Bed Sensors

The STTS Switch and Sensor Wheelchair Sensor and Bed Sensor both provide unmatched reliability and functionality.  They are critical elements in patient care, both at home and in various levels of care facilities.  Our technology provides consistent performance over the medical device industry standard time periods.  These products can easily be integrated with our wireless communications. technology.

Impact Targets

The broad range of STTS Switch and Sensor Impact Targets are perfect for Paintball, BB, and pellet target ranges.  Our technology is perfect for any type of family entertainment center, amusement park, or arcade.  Adding our wireless communications technology enhances the entire scoring game concept.  The flexibility of the STTS Switch and Sensor technology is a perfect fit for scores of applications in the Consumer Products market.


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