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STTS Switch and Sensor Consumer Product Solutions

Consumer Products and Toy and Game Applications

The patented STTS Switch and Sensor technology lends itself to scores of consumer products, and toys and games.

  • We can produce gloves to be used in virtual reality applications (with wire, or with wireless communications).
  • Our technology can be integrated with dolls of all types to have various communications based on the amount of force applied.

  • A variety of golf training equipment is available, including technology to measure variances in the swing, the stance, and the grip.

Our technology can be applied to any application you may want to develop.  More importantly, because of our clustered patented core technologies, your products and applications may very well be patentable, which will offer a significant competitive advantage for you. 


Virtual Reality Gloves                

These prototype virtual reality gloves can operate                    

this remote car just by moving your fingers.                                


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