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At STTS Switch and Sensor, because of our unique and diverse capabilities, our technologies offer solutions for applications across many industries.  While we can offer many solutions within our target vertical markets, the only true limitations to our capabilities is your imagination.  We can help you develop a customized switch or sensor solution for a wide variety of applications that requires a flexible switch or sensor.  Just fill out our Design Questionnaire, and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

Transportation Industry Applications

Air Bag Sensors Seat Presence Pad (Zoned, Weight) Cargo Shift Detection
Crash Dummies Steering Wheel Cover (phone, radio, etc.) Container Security Gaskets
Horn buttons Reversing/Sensing Edges Conveyors
Power Window Safety Gaskets Intelligent Floors Moving and Storage Systems
Seat Buttock Profile Pad Vibration Diagnostic Sensors Passenger Loading Bridges
Scissor Lift Tip Over Sensor - "Pea-Picker" Trucks Stage Lift
  Tip Over Sensor - Tractors  


General Industry Applications

Our product offering for industry falls into 2 broad classifications - General Industry and Reversing/Sensing Edges.  The enormous flexibility of our technologies will allow you to customize a solution to meet practically any switch or sensor need these markets require.

Reversing/Sensing Edge Applications

Strip Switch Sensor Rubber Strip Sensors Hard Door Reversing Edge Sensor
Moving Partitions Residential & Commercial Doors High Speed Door Reversing Edge
Revolving Door Edge Sensor Bus and Train Doors X,Y Sensing Edges
Moving Doors Edges For Telescoping Devices Elevator Door Sensor
Cantilever Gates Barrier Arm Gates Sliding Gates
Machinery Edges Motorized Partitions Power Driven Doors
Accordion Rolling Overhead Doors Rolling Fire Doors
Pivot Gates Hangar Doors Vertical Lift Gates
Sectional Overhead Doors Swinging Gates Automated Door Edge
Gymnasium Doors    

Applications for Industry

Industrial Safety Mats Foot Switches/Sensors Commercial Entrance Sensor Mat
Work Platforms Hand Switches/Sensors 3 Dimensional Computer Mouse
2 Dimensional Keyboard Automated Guided Vehicles DC Voltage Gravity Switch
Bus Sensor Mats Aircraft Loaders "Smart" Fences
Bumpers on AGV's Knee or Foot Mouse Fruit & Vegetable Ripeness Tester
Conveyors Keyboards for Handicapped Pallet Wrapping Machines
Safety Bumpers Material Handling Vehicles Passenger Loading Bridges
Scissor Lifts Moving and Storage Systems Machining Centers
Animal Counters Animal Feed Switches Mine Sensor


Medical Device Industry

Wheelchair Seat Sensors Intelligent Prosthesis
Hospital Bed Presence Sensors Medical Tables
Portable Equipment Safety Bumper Sensors Motion Diagnostic Sensors
Wheelchair Automated Steering Device Smart Potentiometer
X-Ray Tables Medical Tables
Leak Detection of Gas From Tanks Macro-Stain Measuring Device
Drug Cabinet Security Door Sensors Rehabilitation Hand Grip Devices


Consumer Products Industry

Impact Targets Golf Diagnostics Virtual Reality Gloves
Scoring Vests Golf Loop Sensor System Athletic Diagnostics
Paintball, BB, Pellet Targets Golf Practice Putting Rug Floating Joysticks
Pitching Targets Golf Target Joysticks
Analog Speed Control Sensors Tip Over Sensor For Bicycles Thumper Toys
Baby Doll Anatomy Sensors "Smart" Clothes Hand Grip Toys
"Smart" Lines (boundaries, etc.) "Smart" Furniture Fun Cart Seat Sensors


Security and Law Enforcement Industries

Extended Boundary Detection Sensors Projectile Firing
Target Training Vests Security Gaskets and Lines
Intrusion Sensors "Smart" Floors


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